What to know before you arrive:

  1. Complete appropriate pre visit forms:
  2. Stay in your vehicle once you arrive, and call us at 218-692-4400 to inform us you are here.
  3. A member of our staff will discuss your pet’s history and ongoing concerns over the phone.
  4. A staff member will provide instructions for safe transport of your pet inside our building.
    • For medium and large dogs, help your pet out of your vehicle, and meet our staff member at the location discussed over the phone. Once we have our leashes safely in place, the staff member will instruct you to remove your pet’s leash and collar.
    • For small dogs, we will bring a carrier to your vehicle and place the carrier on the ground. We ask that you remove your dog from the vehicle, safely place in the carrier, and close the door to the carrier. A staff member will then carry your dog inside.
    • For cats, please have your cat within your own carrier, and once we have instructed we are ready, you may place your carrier outside your vehicle. Our staff member will then place a blanket over the kennel and transport your cat safely inside.
  5. Once inside, a doctor will then perform a comprehensive exam on your pet, just as if you were in an exam with them. Once the exam is complete, the doctor will call you and discuss all exam findings and discuss a treatment plan for your pet.
  6. A staff member will then go over any medications, treatments or special diet that will be going home with your pet. We will provide you with written instructions for all medications, further recommendations, and follow up instructions as well.
  7. The front desk team will then review the services from your pet’s visit and collect payment over the phone.
  8. A staff member will then escort your pet safely back to you.
Thank you for adhering to these changes and for your patience in this time of uncertainty. From all of us at Crosslake Veterinary Hospital, We will get through this together!