Crosslake Veterinary Hospital can provide in-house diagnostic testing for a variety of conditions within minutes. Our equipment can provide comprehensive bloodwork including a complete blood count, serum chemistry, thyroid values, fluid evaluation, and specific blood testing such as clotting times.

In addition to blood testing, we are able to perform urine screens, fecal evaluations, some drug medication blood level monitoring, and cardiac enzyme levels. Because of where we live and play, we routinely test dogs for heartworm disease and multiple tick-borne pathogens such as Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis which are endemic in parts of Minnesota.

One clinic cannot provide all the testing your pet may need in his or her lifetime. If and when that time comes, we utilize reference laboratories that specialize in veterinary medicine and provide quick turnaround times to allow us to provide you with an answer sooner.